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After spending my first 22 or so years moving through life without asking the right questions, I entered a period where I felt very empty and alone. I had a new desire to “find myself” and this drive lead me to many places, from religion to quantum physics.

While I have learned and continue to learn more about about the way that the universe works, I can break down the associated philosophy in three statements:

1) We are all made of the same stuff. What we understand of the physical world, right down to the subatomic level, suggests that we are all exactly alike at our base. We have even less knowledge of consciousness but we can safely admit that, whatever it is, we all share in it.

2) While we can’t even begin to imagine it at this point in human evolution, there is something much bigger out there. From the repeated themes of classic religion to M-Theory and quantum physics’ potential answer to everything, it is all, in my view, suggestive of something much, much more.

3) While it can simply be dismissed as semantics, it seems to me that we are searching less for the nature of reality than we are for the reality of nature, given that nature is everything known to exist.

The knowledge imparted in those three statements is enough to balance my fear of the unknown with the surety that, in some abstract sense, my place in the universe is solid. This blog simply serves as a spot for me to collect my thoughts and ideas as I plow ahead with science, philosophy and spirituality to come to the best understanding possible of what it all means and who exactly I am.

Considering the fact that we are all absolutely equal in our lack of answers about who and where we are, I hope that the musings in this blog help you to realize just that – you are not alone. Please enjoy the blog, take from it anything and everything that you can, and leave a comment if you have something to say!

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