From the sometimes astute and sometimes humorous scientific observation and speculation of Aristotle to the mathematical genius of Albert Einstein, science has long been the most clear route to the truth behind who we are and why we’re here. Modern physics and quantum mechanics help us see into the mysterious world of subatomic particles and the possibilities of higher dimensions and time travel.

While I believe heartily that the spiritual study of what we innately know and understand is very important for each and every one of us, I also believe that the study of science is equally important. In this exciting day and age science has the potential to answer many questions about the way our universe works and how it came to be, and I think that it’s important to be as prepared as I can be for those answers and the changes they’ll bring. The articles in this section discuss the scientific work that helps us to understand more about everything.

Articles in this Section

Newton’s Laws of Motion (Reference)
Simple Definitions (Physics Reference)
Worldview and Perception

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